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22nd March 2004

11:32pm: Excellent.
Kabuto is coming.

I'll need him to fix up my ailing temporary body, and get a bit of valuable information for me: which of the Uchiha clan's ancestors carried the Sharingan ability. Not all of them did, as I have recently come to understand. The ability was fairly scattered and unreliable. Hmm. At what cost power, I suppose.

I am bored and angry, sitting in here alone, feeling weaker and sicker by the hour. I want to act. I want the day I claim the ability that will unlock my ambitions to be today!

...sadly, I must have ever greater patience.

[OOC] Well, that's largely because we're now down to three high-powered good guys to potentially to oppose me and Kabu in this future RP session. Who alienated the "Beautiful Blossom Duo?" They were silly, but not that bad! Geez. What did someone do to them to make them both quit in bitter disgust with us?
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18th March 2004

6:33pm: Complications
Damn this body! This is most ill-timed. I feel uncoordinated, weak... it's deteriorating. I need Kabuto's help. My plans were ready to bear fruit. Feh!!

Hn. It won't matter in the end. They don't suspect, and I can wait until I repair this little setback. The dead aren't going anywhere.

I'll probably find some temporary solution, but I need to switch again before long. Sarutobi-sensei, I hope hell is being particularly cruel to you. What an odious thing you did to me...

(Summoning no jutsu!)

10:02am: Digging up the Dead
[OOC] Now that we have a Kabuto, who I will most defininitely be bringing in to help me, I would like to start the "Grave Robbery Arc" rolling if possible. Anyone interested in participating? I'm a bit green at this whole RPing thing, so I'd also like to ask people: how shall we run this? What are the mechanics behind a LJ RP session? So far I've just been posting in my journal and commenting back and forth with others...

[IC] The time to move is near. It does not do to linger too long stalking your prey; eventually it will see you and thus become more difficult to kill.

Soon, I'm going to acquire the corpses I need from underground; the cemetary itself may be secure, but with some elementary earth-type jutsus and a few days, I'll be able to take every body undetected and without a fight. This current body of mine is unsatisfactory... weak. Maybe I am just still unused to it. How aggravating...

Fufufu! In an undead Uchiha body, with the Sharingan ability and greater strength and compatibility than this temporary shell, I think my ambitions will finally be within my ever-stretching reach. The power I will gain with that ability will make me great enough to capture even the most dangerous of prey: the greatest Uchiha; Itachi. That real, living body will be so... wonderful >:-}. I will become an all-seeing, ever-living being that could only be called the ultimate fulfillment of the journey than began the first time a martial artist saw an unearthly glow around his fist, and called it "chakra."

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14th March 2004

8:16pm: What's the game?
[OOC] I'm told we're going to be moving the plot along soon, but I realize I have not remembered to ask what the plot is. What's out plan?

I'm pretty flexible. Until I know my role in the roleplaying, I'll just stay here being creepy, dangerous, ambiguously pedophilic Orochimaru, and seeking power like a good villain. Hmm, I really wish Orochimaru had more jutsus... in a fight, all he really does is summon minions (snakes and/or the dead) and use a little tongue taijutsu (pun intended.) He has a cool sword, though.

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12th March 2004

12:53am: Curses and spit.
As I suspected, the tomb containing the remains of the last three generations of Uchihas is heavily guarded, but it doesn't matter. I can afford to be patient. The dead aren't going anywhere and neither am I. It will take more than the foolish ANBU to create a place safe from me. Perhaps I could steal the mind and body of one of them, and thus gain access? There's really no feeling like entirely dominating someone powerful.

Also, there's still always Sasuke. Sasuke... he will seek me out eventually. I know his kind; his ways. I'm tingling with anticipation. I thought I had him, when that girl who chases him, his trusted (if unloved) teammate offered to help me. I said she would get him when I was done with him... fufufu, foolish girl. In the end, she was stubborn, though. Insolent, as well. It's unfortunate that her death would be most disadvantageous at this time...

Gaara is here too.  He, also, is insolent.  But, it would also not be good to kill him now.  Now is a time to remain cold and quiet, like a marsh adder.  As for Gaara, I cannot imagine how or why, but they are actually letting him stay here.  Is he incognito, keeping hidden?  Impossible, that mad child has the subtlety of a bomb.  Are they keeping their friends close and enemies closer, perhaps?  No, I would not give the Leaf credit for being so intelligent.  They're soft.  I wonder how many of them he has killed so far?  They've probably forgiven the mindless little monster, the fools.  I will rule them all.  >:-}  (Evil Grin.)
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10th March 2004

12:41pm: First Entry
Hmm. Seeing Konohagure for the first time since the war is bothering me. It's almost back to normal-- the place as a whole seems to have gotten its bearings and adapted. This village is strong... I will one day make whatever remains of it my own. Still, I know this place is weakened. The loss of the Third will affect them forever. That weak old man's time had come, and he had not even prepared the village to live without him by chosing a candidate for sucessor. What an optimistic, foolish person.

I am mostly recovered. This new body adapted well, with my body-transferring jutsu and some skilled help from Kabuto. It's not the one I wanted, but it will do about as well as the last. It's still a bit new and uncomfortable. No matter. It's only a temporary solution. An immortal can afford to be... patient.

Getting in here was not hard. My disguise is perfect; I stole the face of a Leaf ninja on outside guard duty and retunred as him, almost the same way I infiltrated their chuunin exam. I plan on concentrating on the burial ground first. The tomb of the Uchiha clan is likely to be very well watched and trapped, unless the advanced bloodline dissappears with death so completely that it would be worthless to try to get in there anyway. Somehow, though, I doubt that. This will be interesting. It's all part of a recent plan I developed to obtain my Sharingan from a dead Uchiha rather than from one of the three existing Sharingan users. I can already raise the dead; it's only a matter of figuring out how to make an artificially raised body useable as my own permanent body-- for that I will almsot certainly need the original corpse. Obtaining the Sharingan is my main goal now; rebuilding the Sound and my repetoire with Manda can wait. All my plans hinge on that ability.

It's a lot easier to contact people than to infiltrate installations once one's presence is known; so I'm going to work on this option before I contact Sasuke again (or even think about trying to go after Kakashi). I hope he has reconsidered... that perfect little body... I know he desires power.

I can still hardly believe they made that damn woman the Godaime Hokage. She's completely unfit. Konoha's choice of leaders grows ever worse. "Legendary Three..." bah. Only because they were with me are Jiraiya and Tsunade even known. Kabuto and I fought them, Naruto, and Shizune on even ground even with all my jutsus gone and my arms useless. Perhaps I could win the village from her in a dice game.
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